Beloved Workshop Space for Occupy Menwith Hill

We haveĀ  the basic infrastructure to create a friendly and inviting space and host at least three days of bold, beautiful protest. Here’s a picture of our lovely workshop space…

Come and meet us on the Kettlesing layby from 1pm onwards on Sunday 15th AprilĀ  to help set up camp!

Google map link here

In the meantime, you can familiarise yourself with the local area by taking a look at CND’s ‘Walker’s Guide to Menwith Hill’, which can be downloaded here.

Car Sharing

If you’re coming by car and have a spare seat please leave us a comment on here or email to let us know. Thanks!

Public Transport

The X59 runs twice a day between Harrogate and Skipton and stops at Kettlesing Head (except Sunday).

Menwith Hill Express (Tuesday only)

We will be running a “Menwith Hill Express” minibus service to the site from Leeds and Bradford on Tuesday 17th April – see times below. To book a space on the bus contact info@occupymenwith.org.uk with your contact details and pickup point.

Bradford CND Office/Treehouse Cafe
2 Ash Grove

Leeds Metropolitan University
Portland Way

Harrogate Train Station

Other pickup points may be possible if you contact us beforehand.



  1. Kris Occupy LSX

    I am up in Newcastle currently, up from London, and looking to car share from Newcastle to the Hill – or if I bus to the west coast, from the Carlisle-ish area to the Hill.

  2. Kris Occupy LSX

    I can give my mobile number to site mods if it would help speed things, I’m packed and ready any time to go.

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