This is still a work in progress, and will probably be subject to tweaks over the next two weeks. But, for now, it will give you a flavour of what we have in the pipeline, and hopefully prompt your own ideas. If you have any more suggestions for speakers, workshops or creative actions please either let us know in advance, or just bring your inspiration along on the day!

At the moment, our plan looks like this…

Sunday 15th April
1.00pm onwards:   Set up camp!
6.30pm:                    General Assembly – Why are we here, and what are our aims?
7.30pm onwards:    Food, lively discussion and acoustic music (artists to be confirmed)

Monday 16th April
11.00am:                     A Walkers Guide to Menwith Hill – guided walk, taking in the protected flora and fauna alongside the military eyesores of what should be an unspoilt rural landscape.
1.00pm onwards:    Creative Space for site art, banner making and White Flag actions
3.30-4.30pm:            An Introduction to Non Violent Direct Action (Workshop)
4.30pm-5.30pm:     Legal Briefing / Call for legal observers
6.30pm:                      General Assembly – Evolving a Statement?
7.30pm onwards:   Food, lively discussion and topical films

Tuesday 17th April
Global Day of Action Against Military Spending

12pm onwards – Ongoing creative activities including banner-making, peace flags, giant protest scrabble, crazy golf and more…

Scheduled talks: (may be subject to change!)
1.00pm-2.00pm      Talk – The Rise of Global Militarisation and the Politics of Control, with tales of Opposition from the Island of Jeju (by Prof. Dave Webb, CND)
2.00pm-2.45pm      Talk – Conscientious Objection: Why I Couldn’t Serve in Afganistan (by Joe Glenton)
3.00pm-4.00pm      Talk – 21st Century Warfare, Covert Drone Strikes and Remote Control Weaponry (by Steve Schofield)
4.00pm-5.00pm      Talk – The Battle to Control the Internet: Censorship and Freedom in the Digital Age.
6.00pm-7.30pm      Lively procession to Main Entrance, surrounding the base with White Flags along the way, with speakers and a General Assembly at the gates. Delivery of statement?
8.00pm:                      Food, lively music (artists to be confirmed), fire show and reflection on the day’s events.

Wednesday 18th April
We’re not setting an agenda for this day. We’ll just see what happens and where the mood takes us!

Ongoing Stuff…
Whatever day and time you join us, we can guarantee there’ll be something interesting happening. But if you can’t make one of the workshops or the demonstration itself, please stop by any time just to chat, learn more about the issues, or show your support. The White Flag Call needs lots of volunteers, (and flags!!), we need your thoughts and contributions to the statement we hope to evolve, and there’ll be round the clock creative stuff suitable for all ages!

Come and join us!!!!



  1. Patricia

    Great that you’ll be there at the same time as the regular weekly CAAB demo (EVERY Tuesday, 6 – 8 pm) but pity there’s no mention of it nor a link to the website.

    • admin

      Hi Patricia, thanks. We weren’t sure that we had CAABs permission to link to their site, and have been a little busy over the Easter break, but will put that right straight away. We have been trying to liaise with both Lindis and Melanie to discuss how we best integrate the two endeavours that night… we don’t want to be an interruption, but would be happy to join you for all or part of it, and obviously you are all welcome to join us at any stage in the event. We can be careful with our timings to avoid any conflict, as this is still all totally open to change! Both Lindis and Melanie have been invited to our meeting on Wednesday, where we will be fine tuning the detail. Please come along yourself! We’re happy to lend any support we can to CAAB that week, and we know the court case takes precedent for you all. we are working on video to show over the course of our event, and wondered if CAAB had any footage or messages they would like to share?

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