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Follow the links below down the rabbit hole of corporate espionage, the military industrial complex, intelligence led warfare, gross breaches of civil liberty and all round subversion of democracy. Happy reading / viewing / listening! Grrrrr.

A 1998 European Parliament report made it clear that civil liberties are threatened by the work of the NSA at Menwith Hill (see

View Lifting the Lid on Menwith Hill (pdf 2mb)

Dr Steve Schofield discusses the research at a meeting in Sheffield on 21st March (mp3)

Some Press coverage of the Yorkshire CND Report ‘Lifting the Lid on Menwith Hill’:

Menwith Hill eavesdropping base undergoes massive expansion (Richard Norton Taylor, The Guardian 1st March)

US “using spy base to subvert democracy” (Paddy McGuffin, Morning Star 27th February)

US spy base “facilitates deadly drone strikes” (Video report – Press TV)

Background on the ongoing CAAB campaign at Menwith Hill, which holds a regular vigil every Tuesday at 6-8pm.




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