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Tuesday, 17th april marks the Global Day of Action Against Military Spending. Find out more about GDAAMS here.

Occupy Menwith Hill is peaceful protest to mark this day and raise awareness of the economic cost and unaccountability of RAF Menwith Hill, run by the NSA.

We stand in solidarity with Occupations around the world, and with the many actions taking place simultaneously around the world on April 17th.

Here are just a few key facts about the UK’s military spending…

In the last year, homelessness has increased by at least 14%. The government has halved the budget for social housing, yet continues to spend roughly £700 million on arms export subsidies, and £70 million on every F-35 Fighter jet.

UK weapons were used in the brutal crackdown on protests during the Arab Spring. Despite this, the UK is still selling weapons to repressive regimes including Bahrain, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The UK spends more on it’s military budget than every other country in the world, apart from the US and China.

UK military expenditure stands at £39 billion a year. This is almost twice the total cuts target for the NHS. It is also twice the £19 billion a year that the UN estimates it would cost to solve global food insecurity.

Take action now!

Come along to Occupy Menwith Hill, or if you can’t make it, here’s what you CAN do…

  • Sign the petition for an end to taxpayer support for the arms trade:
  • Tweet @hmtreasury what your priorities would be #demilitarize #occupymenwith






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