How to Help!!

There are lots of ways you can get involved in Occupy Menwith Hill.

The most obvious one is to come and camp with us in the glorious Yorkshire Dales, but if you can’t do that, here’s what you can do…

Spread the word about the camp by downloading and distributing our Flyers and Labels.

Tell people about this campaign and our White Flag Call and leave your messages of peace, hope and solidarity… share our links and our news via every channel available!!

Join one of our working groups, and work behind the scenes to make this event really special and impossible to ignore.

Come along for just one direct-action packed day on Tuesday April 17th, to take part in creative acts, inspirational workshops, discussion groups and a riot of spontaneous peaceful protest. Bring your ideas, your music, your drums, your flags, your ears and your voices.

Learn more about the dark facts surrounding Menwith Hill and start talking about what this means to you, your civil liberties and the future of democracy as we know it.

Help us make a playlist for peace… of music, videos, inspirational quotes and messages, by leaving your favourite clips in our gallery. We’re looking for volunteers to turn this into something we can use as the soundtrack and light show to our occupation.

Or donate time, help and resources, by checking out our wish list and getting in touch.



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